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moulding rubber part offer Plumbers - Electricians

moulding rubber part

Plumbers - Electricians - - CNY 1

We can supply major end user and OEM clients within Aerospace, Defence, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Pharmaceutical, Food & Drink and Marine....

Delrin POM Rear Swaybar Bushings offer Plumbers - Electricians

Delrin POM Rear Swaybar Bushings

Plumbers - Electricians - - CNY 2

Characteristics of POM: 1. It is unnecessary to dry POM before processing, it can preheat it during processing (about 80℃), which is beneficial to the stability of product size. 2. Air permeability:...

Rubber parts for electronics offer Plumbers - Electricians

Rubber parts for electronics

Plumbers - Electricians - - CNY 2

The electronics industry requires rubber parts that can protect from shock, resist chemical intrusion, combat electromagnetic interference, and seal openings from dust, contaminants, and moisture. The...

High Performance UHMWPE Plastic Sheet And Rod offer Plumbers - Electricians

High Performance UHMWPE Plastic Sheet And Rod

Plumbers - Electricians - - CNY 2

UHMWPE has high molecular weight in the use of its outstanding performance, and has the moderate price and good performance as a thermoplastic engineering plastic, which concentrated the advantages of...

rubber maintenance plugs offer Plumbers - Electricians

rubber maintenance plugs

Plumbers - Electricians - - CNY 1

Designed and used to prevent the leakage and contamination of various fluids, including hydraulics, and chemicals, during the service, maintenance, and storage of machinery and equipment.Used in Indus...

Multicolor bottle caps offer Plumbers - Electricians

Multicolor bottle caps

Plumbers - Electricians - - CNY 1

The silicone bottle cape is made from strong and durable silicone, it is suitable for all standard beer and soft drink bottles, in order to keep drinks fresh for longer....

Rubber Edge Trims offer Plumbers - Electricians

Rubber Edge Trims

Plumbers - Electricians - - CNY 1

These edge trims make ideal edge coverings for panels.These edge trims with top seal come with a self grip mechanism to hold them in place and a soft bulb to provide an efficient seal. They can be us...

Colorful Exterior Sandblasted Or Frosted Acrylic Tube offer Plumbers - Electricians

Colorful Exterior Sandblasted Or Frosted Acrylic Tube

Plumbers - Electricians - - CNY 1

1. Architectural application: window, soundproof doors and Windows, lighting cover, telephone booth, etc 2. Advertisement application: light box, signboard, indicator, exhibition rack, etc 3. Transp...

PVC inflatable actuators offer Plumbers - Electricians

PVC inflatable actuators

Plumbers - Electricians - - CNY 5

Actuators provide smooth, reliable and low-noise adjustment of modern wheelchairs.It moves smoothly and quietly, and it is able to build comfortable wheelchairs that the user wants....

Adhesive polycarbonate label offer Electronics - Appliances Repair

Adhesive polycarbonate label

Electronics - Appliances Repair - - CNY 1

Adhesive polycarbonate label is a good choice if you’re looking for a tough, long-lasting solution for labelling. Polycarbonate film (0.125mm – 0.25mm) has a very high impact strength. Although it do...