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In addition, need to pay attention to the following matters portable crusher plant in impact in production to ensure the safety and smooth:

1 check before driving vortex chamber observation door is closed, to prevent the material from the whirl cavity observation door out of danger;
2 check the impeller rotation direction, the clockwise rotation, otherwise should adjust the motor wiring;
3 feed particles in strict accordance with the requirements, the prohibition of more than a specified material enters the crusher;
4 discharging equipment to stop, should promptly stop feeding;
5 portable crusher plant operation process, there shall be no violent vibration and abnormal noise, otherwise, it should stop checking; lubricating
6 Machine for dry oil lubrication.

There are the following characteristics in the process of work:
1, simple structure, low cost and;
2, high efficiency and energy saving, high efficiency;
3, product is a cube, iron pollution is small;
4, through the broken material ability, moisture of material by the impact of small, water content of up to 8%;
5, has finely, coarse grinding function;
6, operation and maintenance, convenient installation.

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