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Emergency kits & Survival Backpacks offer Bags - Luggage

Emergency kits & Survival Backpacks

Bags - Luggage -

FEMA recommends keeping a 72-hour emergency kit in case of a disaster. Also known as "bug-out bag" or "go bag", these kits should contain everything you would need to survive 3 days without food, wate...

Banjara Bag offer Bags - Luggage

Banjara Bag

Bags - Luggage - - USD 50

Surprise your favorite Women by showing the love with this "Banjara Bag" made by banjara patches.Click Here To Buy Now !! --- just: $49.99In Stock, Ships in 24 hoursHandmade T...

Sheet metal machines  offer Bags - Luggage

Sheet metal machines

Bags - Luggage - - USD 1,000

Cutting metal has always been a task but with new technology not any more. The sheet metal machine is used to cut metal in different shapes and sizes. It is extremely important to invest in the truste...

Block bottom valve bag offer Bags - Luggage

Block bottom valve bag

Bags - Luggage - - USD 500

Granular products need ultimate leak free packing and block bottom valve bag are the best choice for such products. These bags are intended in a manner that they have micro holes in them which increas...