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This Simple Device Prevents Blood Clots Naturally

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Blood Clots claim more than 100,000
lives each year, and what's worse is that many times there are no
warning signs. If you are in one (or more) of these categories, you are
at a greater risk for a clot:

* Pregnant (or within 30 days of child birth) * Varicose Veins
* Diabetes related leg/foot circulation problems * Heart Attack or Stroke survivor
* History of Cancer or Cancer Treatments * Edema or Lymphedema
* Major Surgery lasting >2hrs * Age > 40
* Restricted mobility / Bed rest / Frequent Travel * Current Swelling in legs
* Risk of bleeding when using Anti-Coagulants * Use of estrogen-based birth control (i.e. - the pill)
* Family History of Blood Clots

PlasmaFlow is an FDA Approved, portable device that is proven to
prevent blood clots and, best of all, it's 100% FREE. The PlasmaFlow is
covered by most health insurance plans, so you can get it at NO COST to
you. If you, or someone you know, fits into one of the risk categories,
you owe it to yourself to protect your health. Get your Free PlasmaFlow
today by calling or texting us at the number below. Or, click the link
to get qualified today. Here's to your health!

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