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Electric Iron Thermostat CNY - 10

Publish Date: 11-08-2018 14:37:33 | Contact name: SophiaChen | Location: Chinautla | Place: No.1, Lane 251, Longxiang Second Road, Beibaixiang, Yueqing, Zhejiang 325603 | 1 times displayed |

Adjustable Bimetal Thermostat For Electric Steam Iron●Using Range: Electric Steam Iron●Electrical Ratings: AC 250V/10A, AC 125V/16A●Temperature Setting Range: 0~250°C●Temperature Tolerance: ±5°C●Life Cycle: no less than 100,000 times●Material: Stainless Steel Silver Rivet, Ceramic, Brass Rod●Certificate: CE/CQC/TUV/VDE●The shaft, terminal, temperature can be made according to your requirements!The main function of thermostat in an electric iron is to make sure that the iron doesn't get too hot if it is left unattended to for a period of time. The mechanism work as follows.When electric current is passed through a coil in an electric iron, the coil becomes very hot. Through conduction the heat is transferred to the flat base plate of the electric iron which is used to iron our clothes.However, the heating element continues to get hotter so far there is continuous drawing of electricity from the power supply. This result into a lot of energy wastage, cloths ruin and in the worst scenario, cause nasty accident. At this point, thermostat comes in because it is important that the iron doesn't heat up to temperature that is hazardous.

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