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Powder Hopper Loader offer Stationery

Powder Hopper Loader

Stationery - - CNY 10

◆Controlled by microprocessor, and user operates via buttons and a simple system interface. ◆High pressure pump features small volume, lower noise, and easy installation.◆Large conveying capacity...

Central Material Handling System offer Stationery

Central Material Handling System

Stationery - - CNY 10

Simplifier Production Procedure with high visibilityReduces dust level and cross contamination of materialsConsole is for easy monitoring and controlLowers manufacturing costImproves product qualityIm...

Water Chiller offer Stationery

Water Chiller

Stationery - - CNY 10

◆Controlled by microcontroller, and consists of LCD screen and keyboard with easy interface. ◆Adopted high precision electronic temperature controller to maintain water temperature within 3-5°C.◆...

Linear Vibrating Screen offer Stationery

Linear Vibrating Screen

Stationery - - CNY 10

Convenient to clean and change screen.Impurities and coarse materials can be discharged automatically, realizing automated operation.Hopper, tray and screen are made of stainless steel to prevent rust...

Volumetric Doser offer Stationery

Volumetric Doser

Stationery - - CNY 10

Proportionally mixes regrind and virgin materials, then conveys them to the molding machine. The main structure is made of stainless steel. Microprocessor and solenoid valve provide an accurate and sm...

Drying Color Mixer Machine offer Stationery

Drying Color Mixer Machine

Stationery - - CNY 10

1.Temperature and timer setting are in one unit for simple adjustment.2.Materials are mixed in sealed chamber; barrel consisted of double insulating layer for heat preservation.3.Barrel is made of sta...

Rotary Color Mixer Machine offer Stationery

Rotary Color Mixer Machine

Stationery - - CNY 10

Barrel is made of imported stainless steel with polished surface.360-degree rotation allows even mixing and convenient material feeding.Fender prevents operators from entering the range of the machine...

Vertical Color Mixer Machine offer Stationery

Vertical Color Mixer Machine

Stationery - - CNY 10

Fast evenly mixing, low energy consumption and high productivity.Small footprint and equipped with castors for movability.Planet-cycloid reducer is durable and low noise.Safety switch ensures machine ...

Horizontal Color Mixer Machine offer Stationery

Horizontal Color Mixer Machine

Stationery - - CNY 10

Stainless steel barrel and paddles are rust free and easy to clean.Hopper can incline as many as 100 degrees for easy material unloading.Safety switch ensures machine only operates when the lid is clo...

Euro Design Dryer offer Stationery

Euro Design Dryer

Stationery - - CNY 10

Downward airflow and circumfluent hot air ensure even drying and high efficiency.Material contact parts are made of stainless steel to assure purity of materials.Big access door is for easy cleaning.A...