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Rotor Honeycle Dehumidifier offer Stationery

Rotor Honeycle Dehumidifier

Stationery - - CNY 10

◆Controlled by microprocessor with P.I.D. temperature control.◆Consists of LCD display and keyboard.◆Chinese and English interface is available; easy to operate system and to understand warning messag...

Cyclone System For Crusher offer Stationery

Cyclone System For Crusher

Stationery - - CNY 10

Compatible with all models of granulators.Fully automatic material recycling, no laborer required.All stainless steel construction to ensure material purity.Adopted dust collecting bag to absorb dust,...

Film Crusher offer Stationery

Film Crusher

Stationery - - CNY 10

Excellent at recycling plastic films and sheets, e.g. PE & PP sheets, knitted bags and fibers.Scissor blades are designed for better cutting efficiency.The gap between rotary and fixed blades is adjus...

Sound Proof Granulators offer Stationery

Sound Proof Granulators

Stationery - - CNY 10

Fully sealed crushing chamber, realizing low noise (below 80dB within 1 meter away from machine) and no dust.Installed with heat dissipation system to protect motor and ensure long operation.Consisted...

Low Speed Granulators offer Stationery

Low Speed Granulators

Stationery - - CNY 10

FEATURES ◆Lower noise, well-proportioned granule and less powder.◆Adopted Taiwan gear reducer with large torque, good quality and long service life.◆Driven by speed reducer directly for steady operati...

Slow Speed Granulators offer Stationery

Slow Speed Granulators

Stationery - - CNY 10

1.Screenless design with least dust and uniform granules.2.Adopted Taiwanese brand gear reducer with higher torque and long service life.3.Can process coarse and small materials simultaneously.4.Gear ...

Flat Granulators offer Stationery

Flat Granulators

Stationery - - CNY 10

Claw and flat blades are available for various applications.Inclined blades realize high cutting efficiency and lower noise. Stainless steel hopper with sound-proof layer inside to reduce further nois...

Rotary Servo Robot Arm offer Stationery

Rotary Servo Robot Arm

Stationery - - CNY 10

N Series Robot: Features: Arm moment is circular curve and arm can be adjusted,Website:, resulting in shorter moving trajectory and faster product removal Structure: Spe...

3-Axis Servo Robot For Complex Motion offer Stationery

3-Axis Servo Robot For Complex Motion

Stationery - - CNY 10

H Series 3-Axis Servo Robot Feature: Relative position does not charge at the X axis and Z axis direction of Arm & Crosswise,Website:, which means that Crosswise wi...

8 Channel Passive Balun, CCTV UTP Video Balun, Video Transceiver (VB308) offer Stationery

8 Channel Passive Balun, CCTV UTP Video Balun, Video Transceiver (VB308)

Stationery - - CNY 10

8 Channel Passive Balun, CCTV UTP Video Balun, Video Transceiver VB308Description:The video balun VB308 is a passive transmission device that transmits video signal over unshielded twisted pair wires,...