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C-Hook Sling CNY - 10

Publish Date: 17-05-2018 18:10:44 | Contact name: Dingqiang Han | Location: Chinautla | Place: No.12 Huabei Road changyuan Crane Industrial Zone Changyuan henan | 1 times displayed |

Type C hooks are widely used in steel mills, ports, factories, warehouses and other places.

Force balance of C type hook need to give full consideration to hook up pulling force, coil weight and sling force of the role of gravity down, so steel roll force acting on the center of the coil, spreader of the gravity effect in the focus of sling;

The weight should be weighed, and the balance will be balanced when the C hook is empty.

This would require the customer in order to quote us suspended coil size (length and diameter and pore diameter), convenient manufacturing to determine C type clasps and the length of the mouth opening, and determine the position of the hook hanging point.

The structure design of "huaqi" brand C hook hoist of henan huabei hoisting hook co., LTD is simple and reasonable, the material selection is exquisite, the movement is flexible, the use is convenient, the hoisting and installation process is safe and reliable.

Moreover, the company can tailor its products according to the needs of customers, so as to satisfy the customers' needs to the utmost, and welcome the new and old customers to order.

Please be free to buy the c-hook sling with the best price with our professional China manufacturers and suppliers. And the customized products are also offered if you need.

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