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Address: 216 Crossman Ave, Buena Vista, CO 81211, United States
Phone: 719-239-2007
categories: Health & Wellness Centers, Holistic & Alternative Care, Mental Health Services

You can try every pill on the
market, but the body is meant to heal itself, and, chances are, you won't feel your best using chemicals and other toxins.At Alternative Choices Wellness Center in Buena Vista, CO, the expert staff focuses on holistic healing sessions, including reiki, spiritual coaching, and more. By employing natural approaches to physical and emotional healing, they help people restore their bodies and minds back to the way that nature intended.

With the goal of spreading health and wellness to the Buena Vista community, Alternative Choices Wellness Center offers free memberships. At this trusted holistic healing center, they believe in restoring the body’s natural processes so it can heal itself naturally.

Alternative Choices Wellness Center performs the following services:

Brainwave Optimization®: This technology helps the brain relax using soothing acoustic tones. The serene state achieved by Brainwave optimization unlocks the door for the body to begin healing.
Bio-Energy Body Scanning: Deriving its methods from trusted procedures like acupuncture and homeopathy, this process uses modern technology to determine your body’s sensitivity to pollutants, plants, animals, foods, and other environmental factors.
Ionic Detox Foot Baths: Sit in a soothing Harmonic Tone Frequency chair while undergoing a detoxifying foot bath. The negative ions in the water allow your body's toxins to flood out through the feet.
Reiki: This holistic healing center offers three forms of reiki, the Japanese art of stress reduction and healing. In reiki, energy is transferred from the reiki healer’s hands to your body to promote physical and emotional healing.
Spiritual Coaching: Without focusing on a religion, Alternative Choices Wellness Center's spiritual coaching is aimed at opening up your heart, revealing any negative energies controlling you, and beginning your healing transformation.

In addition to the above services, this wellness center also offers Pura Vida counseling, essential oils for a variety of ailments, and animal care. If you suffer from pain, trauma, or stress or you simply want to improve your overall state of being, reach out to the experts who can help. The trusted sessions at Alternative Choices Wellness Center come without the risk of side effects and bad reactions. To reach the best holistic healing center in Buena Vista, call them today at (719) 239-2007 or visit their website.

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