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Before one can correct astigmatism, one must understand what itiGenics is. Astigmatism is usually caused by either an irregularly shaped cornea (cornial astigmatism), or by an irregularly shaped lens, called lenticular astigmatism, and is located behind the eye. Most don't even realize that they have astigmatism because the symptoms are fairly small, such as slightly blurred vision, occasional headaches and eye strain. It may even distort and blur your vision at all distances and is found in both children and adults. Astigmatism is caused by the cornea being an unusual shape, more like a oblong than a perfect sphere, and a person is either born with it, or it may have been caused by an accident.Astigmatism can be corrected relatively easy with contact lenses or eye glasses, unless it is extreme. Toric contact lenses were especially designed for people with astigmatism. This type of lens has two functions. The first is to correct the spherical refractive error, and the second is to reconfigure light rays that are unevenly refracted due to the astigmatism. These lenses exist in rigid, gas-permeable as well as soft lenses. When these lenses were first out on the market, they were not as reliable or as comfortable as they are today.

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