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Quit Smoking For Life

Publish Date: 10-01-2019 04:48:59 | Contact name: Harini Vannamathi | Location: USA | Place: bronx | 1 times displayed |

You know you need to quit smoking. You would have to live Smoke Deter under a rock not to have noticed the health warnings and perhaps personal symptoms that smoking is bad for you. Smoking causes death directly and indirectly. It not only kills the smoker but also shortens the lifespan of those around them. Did you know that recent studies have suggested that female children of smokers are more likely to get breast cancer than kids who come from non smoking households? And these children didn't smoke!

Why should you stop smoking? Apart from the health benefits, you will save money. Have you ever worked out exactly how much your cigarette or cigar habit is costing you? One suggested way to quit is to put the money you would normally spend into a jar and when it is full buy something that you have wanted for ages. Don't pay off credit cards or bills the first time, you can do that later. The point is to reward yourself for your achievement. At the same time, hopefully when you see how much money you are paying out to kill yourself, it will give you extra motivation to quit.

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