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Signs of Alzheimer's Disease

Publish Date: 12-02-2019 11:29:16 | Contact name: Hadriel Sam | Location: USA | Place: BRONX | 1 times displayed |

As most of us grow older, it's normal to fear the onset of Alzheimer's disease. OptiMind Review Millions of people around the globe suffer from its affects daily and since it is a disease that is so closely associated with growing older, it's natural to think that it is going to happen to you, especially if you have a family history of Alzheimer's in your family. There are signs of Alzheimer's disease that you can watch out for.

The first and most well known symptom of Alzheimer's is memory loss. While most people associate Alzheimer's with people forgetting faces and names that they have known their entire lives, studies have shown that the earliest symptoms associated with Alzheimer's actually affects the short term memory first, before the long term memory.

So a more reliable sign of the onset of Alzheimer's is forgetting things that a person just learned over the past few minutes, hours or days, not things that they might have learned years ago and have had no trouble remembering. However its worth remembering that small amounts of memory loss are normal when growing older. Just because you may forget a name here or there or miss an appointment doesn't mean you have Alzheimer's.

A second sign that you or someone you love may be suffering from the early onset affects of Alzheimer's is having trouble doing basic tasks around the house or running errands that have never been a problem before. This can be one of the more frustrating parts of having Alzheimer's since there are so many things that we do every day that we take for granted without thinking about them as they've become second nature. Small things like putting a puzzle together, playing a game of cards with friends, making dinner, making the bed or a million other things may start to become a challenge as you forget the next step in the process.

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