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5 Fundamentals of Passive Solar Energy For Your Home USD - 13

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Whats the famous real estate quote, "location,Backyard Revolution location, location" well for passive ( facing a window to the south to maximize the sun) or non passive solar energy (ex. solar panels) it's all about "orientation, orientation, orientation". If your going the passive route you want you want to orientate your living areas to the south side of your house. The south side receives the most sunlight through out the day ( unless you live in the southern hemisphere, if so then orientate to the north). Solar panels for this same principal should always face south.This is very important and often neglected, this can save you a lot of power which equals money. When insulating a house the more the better don't leave any gaps in the walls or ceilings.

This will hold the hot or cold air in the house (depending on the season) and also better sound proof it inside and out. For ventilation purposes place doors and or windows on opposite sides of the house to let cool evening breezes through the house instead of using your AC as much.You can position tree's and plants to direct a cooling breeze into your home and providing shade in the sumer and letting the sunlight through in the winter when the tree's leaves begin to fall. All external structures should be wide enough to block out the summer sun, while still allowing the low winter sun to enter. Finding the right tree's and or plants for your climate is recommended and can be found by calling your local tree nursery or google.Tile, slate and polished concrete all absorb heat and slowly release it overtime. Carpets will not retain heat at all. Brick walls also retain heat better however depending on where you live it may or may not be practical.

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