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Wireless Card Reader Password Keypad offer Education - Teaching

Wireless Card Reader Password Keypad

Education - Teaching - - CNY 20

Product application: Using wireless transmitters to pair with wireless receivers, it can realize the access control functions for password access. Divided into two kinds of wireless control and hol...

Sliding Gate Opener 800kg offer Education - Teaching

Sliding Gate Opener 800kg

Education - Teaching - - CNY 130

Features: 1) Residential Sliding Gate. 2) Automatic open, close, stop. Auto-close timer is adjustable(set your gate to close within 15s, 45s, 60s). 3) Over-load and Over-heat protecting func...

Automatic Sliding Door Operator offer Education - Teaching

Automatic Sliding Door Operator

Education - Teaching - - CNY 150

Superior microprocessor technology precisely controls the door wing’s running speed, travel distance, with beautiful operation curve Reliable guardian function: If detects illegal door opening atte...

Automatic Garage Door Opener with Chain Rail offer Education - Teaching

Automatic Garage Door Opener with Chain Rail

Education - Teaching - - CNY 50

*Automatic open softly, quiet and stable operation *Automatic closure function setting available *Self-lock in closure position *Manual release in case of power failure *Electric limit swi...

Aluminium Automatic Barrier Gate offer Education - Teaching

Aluminium Automatic Barrier Gate

Education - Teaching - - CNY 200

1.Time protection function. 2."Close" command memory function available. 3.Remote control interface, Remote control emitter can be equipped. 4.Three operation modes: Remote control,push butto...

In-ground Swing Door Drive offer Education - Teaching

In-ground Swing Door Drive

Education - Teaching - - CNY 10

Concealed Swing Door Operator offer Education - Teaching

Concealed Swing Door Operator

Education - Teaching - - CNY 10

* Fast opening, 3 seconds from 0-90 degree, no waste of time * Motor weather-proof, free maintenance * Superior wind resistant function thanks to the servo control technology * Support double doo...

Sliding Door Drive Controller offer Education - Teaching

Sliding Door Drive Controller

Education - Teaching - - CNY 10

1) Advanced and reliable microprocessor controller are applied. 2) Brushless motor with self-locking, a long life span and energy conservation. 3) Automatic reverse on obstruction 4) Self-learning...

Swing Door Operator Wind Resistant offer Education - Teaching

Swing Door Operator Wind Resistant

Education - Teaching - - CNY 10

Wind-resistant swing door operator, articulated arm or sliding arm and track, max doors width 1000mm/1200mm , 100kgs door weight, built-in control panel, with remote control RT18...

Sliding curtain opener offer Education - Teaching

Sliding curtain opener

Education - Teaching - - CNY 20

Sliding curtain opener 2011.111-2011.112-2011.113 Features: *Wireless remote control, built-in receiver *Electronic limit switch, set the opening and closing limit for the curtain when pow...