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Home Solar Powered Generators USD - 13

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These store the energy that is captured by the panels, deep Smart Solar Box cycle batteries are designed to give a steady stream of current, not at all like a normal battery which gives off strong bursts of current.The inverter will convert the stored energy caught by the panels which is (DC) into household usable power (AC).The main advantage of using a solar powered generator is the sun is a renewable power source and is obviously free to use, and unlike normal diesel generators, solar generators are extremely quiet and have no moving parts so maintenance is rarely going to be an issue.

But there are some disadvantages, the main one would be location, if you are in a part of the world that doesn't get a lot of sun then the whole solar energy idea just isn't going to work. Then it is the price factor, although prices have dropped considerably over recent years, initial cost prices are still too high. But having no running costs more than makes up for it.

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