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Get Rid of Bat Wings - Is This How You've Been Feeling About Your Upper Arms Lately? USD - 1

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Summer's come round again and I mean, Keto Burn Review apart from the fact that it's probably more comfortable wearing something sleeveless around this time the year, there's more to it, isn't there? It's not something you talk about, but you've wanted to get rid of your bat wings for a long time now, haven't you?

I'm sure it's something that the people close to you are aware of too, especially if you put a lot of effort into hiding your arms. They just don't know how to breach the topic with you. No one ever said that it's easy to age gracefully, sure, but just all the emotional baggage that comes with the upper arm baggage... it starts off small, but then all those years of binging and just not treating your body right start showing up.

You wave goodbye to a friend and you notice something different. You can feel the skin wanting to keep moving. You go upstairs and start undressing and suddenly, you actually notice your arms aren't what they used to be. No biggie, you tell yourself, I'll just do some push ups.

But you don't. You forget. You're a busy woman after all. There are always more important things that need your attention. There's not enough time for a strict fitness routine. You start ordering takeout one, two, three nights a week. You're waking up feeling more and more tired every morning. You even run late for work sometimes and your manager is keeping a close eye on you. You fall into a vicious cycle.

The free time you do have you go shopping. You surprise yourself; why am I over here, looking at shirt? Wasn't I looking for a one-piece dress for summer? No matter, you take one to try on anyway. And then your stomach drops. It only hits you how bad it's gotten when the size you usually fit into feels like it's going to tear if you push your arm through it any further. Dejected, you leave the changing room, empty-handed. You're too proud to deny what's happening.

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