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primecapitec offer Business Offers


Business Offers -

Automated trading systems, robotic trading programs, on the internet day trading systems-there are several terms used to describe the supply trading systems that can aid you to make a supply investm...

4 Aco Dmt Buy! offer Business Offers

4 Aco Dmt Buy!

Business Offers -

4 Aco Dmt Buy USA at - The synthesis of 4 AcO DMT Buy was first reported in 1963 by Albert Hofmann and Franz Troxler. However, its properties were not examined and no further studies ...

top startup mentor india offer Computer - Web Services

top startup mentor india

Computer - Web Services - - USD 499

I am Anand Kumar, I have been playing an active role in Internet marketing since 2005. Sharing my knowledge, experience and my passion for innovation & growth has made the company I work with one of t...



Computer - Web Services - - USD 499

IKVALA is committed to supporting existing and new small business customers who are financially struggling amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. If you are a small business owner who's business has been impac...

Titanium evaporator offer Movers & Packers

Titanium evaporator

Movers & Packers - - CNY 1,000

Titanium is a metal with a strong tendency to passivation. It can quickly form a stable oxidative protective film in the air and in an oxidizing or neutral aqueous solution. Even if the film is damage...

Titanium condenser offer Movers & Packers

Titanium condenser

Movers & Packers - - CNY 1,000

The condenser, which belongs to a class of heat exchange equipment, is used to cool the fluid. Usually water or air is used as a coolant to remove heat. There are partition wall coolers, spray coolers...

titanium reactors offer Movers & Packers

titanium reactors

Movers & Packers - - CNY 1,000

Titanium reactors can be used for corrosive experiments. Titanium is very active, but it is easy to form passivation, and the passivation layer is relatively stable. It is usually used in the reaction...

Titanium Equipments offer Movers & Packers

Titanium Equipments

Movers & Packers - - CNY 1,000

Features of plate heat exchanger: High heat transfer efficiency The heat transfer coefficient K of the plate heat exchanger is in the range of 3000-6000W/m2.oC. Adapt to It is easy to disassemble ...

titanium tectanglar tube offer Movers & Packers

titanium tectanglar tube

Movers & Packers - - CNY 40

Titanium alloy seamless square rectangular pipe is a versatile and most common shaped pipe, and it is also an economic section pipe. Compared with the round pipe of the same cross-sectional area, it h...

Titanium Square Tube offer Movers & Packers

Titanium Square Tube

Movers & Packers - - CNY 40

Titanium: Titanium and its alloys have many excellent characteristics, such as light weight, high strength, strong heat resistance, and corrosion resistance. They are known as "future metals" and are...