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Diesel Lubricity Improver Manufacture of China -CNY 10

Publish Date: 12-01-2017 00:09:43 | Contact name: DuanJingYun | Location: Chinautla | Place: 15th Floor, B-2 Jinye Shidai No. 32 Jinye Rd, High-Tech District Xi'an Shaanxi China | 1 times displayed |

Xi'an Wonder Energy Chemical Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China diesel lubricity improver manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, and also a professional company with one of the famous brand. Welcome to buy high quality and wholesale anti-wear agent, antiwear additive, lubricity improver, fuel additives lubricant products from our factory.WD-006 Low-sulfur Diesel Lubricity ImproverIntroductionWD-006 An additive used to improve the lubricity of low sulfur diesel fuel.    Low-sulfur diesel refined by hydrodesulfurization, reduce the natural lubricity of diesel, then easily cause the engine wear and damage. WD-006 low-sulfur diesel lubricity improver mainly have fatty acid type and fatty acid ester type.Test by ISO12156-1-97(HFRR method), it obviously improved the lubricity indicators for different crude oil, different diesel made by different technologies. Dosage 80-300 ppm, grinding crack diameter will decrease from 700um to 420um, reach to the customer usage requirement.Features1.Superior anti-wear function, increase the low-sulfur diesel lubricity2.No influence of diesel detergency and low temperature fluidity.3.Free from material which would form ash content4.No corrosive for metal5.Good solubility with dieselIndexItems                         TypeFatty acidFatty acid esterTest methodAcidity/(mg KOH/g)185-210≤2GB/T 7304Freezing point /℃  ≤-12-16GB/T 510Cloud point /℃  ≤-8---ASTM D2500Flash point  ℃ (Closed cup) ≥160160GB/T 261Density(20℃), kg/m30.850~0.9500.850~0.950GB/T 13377Viscosity (40℃)mm2/s2.5~82.5~8GB/T 265Ico indication accord with Q/SHC57-2014Saturated fatty acid content(m/m) / % ≤2.52.5GB/T 17376Water  (v/v)  /%                 ≤GB/T 260Mechanical impuritiesnonenoneVisualDiesel total pullutant after add agent( dosage 300mg/kg)        ≤2424Q/SHCG57-2014Low temperature storage performance(100ml sample,2℃,5h)---No educt or sedimentVisualDiesel demulsifier require after add agent(dosage 600mg/kg)---Water-course clearQ/SHCG57-2014Usage1.The recommended amount is 80-300ppm/kg( best dosage decided by test)  2.WD-006 low-sulfur diesel lubricity improver is good solubility with diesel,no need for long time stir.3.Use metering pump inject the lubricity improver in proportion from side pipe to diesel storage tank.Package1.  200L iron barrel packing,180kg net weight, or as customer requirement.2.  Sealed storage, store in a cool and dry place, keep away from the heat.

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