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Metal passivating agent Manufacture of China -CNY 10

Publish Date: 12-01-2017 00:09:05 | Contact name: DuanJingYun | Location: Chinautla | Place: 15th Floor, B-2 Jinye Shidai No. 32 Jinye Rd, High-Tech District Xi'an Shaanxi China | 1 times displayed |

WD01-101 Metal passivating agent   Introduction   WD01-101 Metal passivating agent is the product developed by the company The   agent of metal content,Website:, high effective passivation harmful metal effect is   good, and pertinence.   Technology indexItemsIndexAppearance Light yellow to     brown water soluble liquidDensity(20℃),g/cm31.000~1.350Freezing point,℃ ≤0pH value≤7.0DissolveMutual-dissolve with     waterApplication   WD01-101 Metal passivating agent can be used in the equipment with high   amount of Ni 、V.   WD01-102 Metal passivating agent can be used in the equipment with high   amount of Ni 、V、Na.   WD01-105 Metal passivating agent can be used in the equipment with high   amount of harmful metals.   WD01-106 Desulfurization passivating agent be used in the equipment with high   amount of Ni 、V.   Method of use   ☆ Added directly   into the tube lines.   ☆ The amount is   decided with the amount of harmful metals, the commended amount is 50~100μg/g.   ☆ Clean the   tank, pump, and tube lines before use the product.   Package, Transportation and Storage   ☆200L plastic   barrels or as required.   ☆ Avoid of   sunlight, rain, and knocking in transportation.

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