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Village Greens Add Value

Publish Date: 11-06-2018 15:59:33 | Contact name: Malcolm White | Location: UK | 1 times displayed |

May Day – a much coveted long weekend, and a time for dancing, singing and fetes on the village green, but what is the price premium attached to living in such a locality?

To live in a small village across England’s green and pleasant land commands a price premium of close to 24% compared to the average price of a property across England and Wales. The presence of a village green adds on average, an additional £21,000 to the price of a village property.

Although London is heralded as one of the ‘greenest’ cities in the world, the premium attached to a village with a green compared to a village is equivalent to just over £125,000. Those in the South West can expect to pay close to £44,000 for the privilege of a green.

However, in 40% of regions, the price differential between a village with a green and a village without is less than £10,000, prices across the Midlands and Wales varying very little. Wherever you live, here’s hoping the sun shines for all May Day festivities.

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