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Colored Glass Filter offer Business Offers

Colored Glass Filter

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Tinted glass filter is a performance of the color of the optical filter, which absorbs undesired through the band of the way, to precisely select the range of light waves to pass.Tinted glass is a low...

Bandpass Filter offer Business Offers

Bandpass Filter

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Band pass filter can separate a band of monochromatic light, the ideal transmittance of band-pass filter through the bandwidth is 100%, while the actual band-pass filter pass band is not the ideal squ...

Parabolic Mirror offer Business Offers

Parabolic Mirror

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Hyperion Optics offer custom parabolic mirrors for use from the UV(200 to 400nm) to the IR (1to 40µm) wavebands. Parabolic mirrors are typically designed as a segment of a larger parabola, manufacture...

Elliptical Mirror offer Business Offers

Elliptical Mirror

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Elliptical mirror is still a flat mirror, but the shape is cut into an oval, and the outer circle and the mirror into a 45 ° angle. When the elliptical mirror is mounted in the optical path by 45 [deg...

Dielectric HR Mirror offer Business Offers

Dielectric HR Mirror

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Reflective film from the coating material can generally be divided into two categories, one is the metal reflective film, one is all dielectric reflective film.Media reflection film using the principl...

Dichroic Mirror offer Business Offers

Dichroic Mirror

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Hyperion Optics’s complete range of cost effective dichroic filter range offers superior transmission, reflection and absorption characteristics.Dichroic filters consist of thin film dielectric coatin...

Concave Mirror offer Business Offers

Concave Mirror

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The concave mirror is the reflection imaging, it is not the light through, but the reflection back to the imaging instrument, the light observes the reflection law. A concave mirror is a spherical mir...

Cold & Hot Mirror offer Business Offers

Cold & Hot Mirror

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Heat mirrors and cold mirrors are special bandpass filters that can reflect infrared light and ultraviolet light and only allow visible light to pass through, also known as heat-absorbing filters, als...

Zinc Sulfide Lenses offer Business Offers

Zinc Sulfide Lenses

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With the rapid development of military weaponry and correlative targeting and monitoring systems, ZnS is widely utilized in multi-spectral IR applications. Its relatively high transmittance through 3-...

Zinc Selenide Lenses offer Business Offers

Zinc Selenide Lenses

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Zinc Selenide has great transmittance through the band 0.5-22μm, especially at 10.6μm, and is commonly used in thermal imaging and FLIR systems, also its outstanding low absorption coefficient and hig...