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Organic fertilizer Production Process USD - 21,000

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Organic fertilizer Production Process

Mixing original and auxiliary materials
Mixing livestock manure,biogas residue or crop stalks and inoculum,controlling moisture ranges about 50% to 60%.The stack width is 3 meters,height is about 1.2 meters to 1.4 meters, length is unlimited.

Measuring temperature of windrow
After materials piling up, test the temperature and moisture of windrow on time(every day at8:30 am, 12:30pm, 4:30pm). Make accurate records and temperature and moisture variation curve, as the basis of next process.

Windrow Composting
According to the results of the temperature,when there is a pause or decrease tendency, composting with the compost turner(from upper and surface to the bottom and center). Carefully, completely compost to reach the function of crushing, volatile moisture, oxygenation and improving microbial propagation. Composting timely and 48 hours one time. High temperature can remain above 20 days. Through the continuous high-temperature and 12-14 times of composting to add the water evaporation. Make sure the moisture of windrow is about 45%.

After ripening
After stack fermentation and maturation is 15-20 days,placing the windrow semi-finished products storage semi-finished products storage 15-20 days. Crushing it until the moisture volatilizes reaches the national standard.

Crushing by Fertilizer Crusher
Before the finished products are packaged,refining the semi-finished products by using rotary screening machine to remove inclusions.Qualified standard≤2.0

Testing finished products
Proceeding according to NY525-2002, testing the moisture of the finished products, PH value, organic materials content and total nutrient content(N+P2O5+K2O) to ensure the production quality.

Weighing, packaging ,storing
Weighting and packaging by model CM50 automatic fertilizer packing machine, each pocket about 25kg ±0.5kg,(the label of the package according to GB 18382,storing after packaging and putting at cool and dry place. To the products packed, weighting and checking the sample products each 2 month, prevent losing weight.

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