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12T/D waste tire pyrolysis plant installed in Egypt USD - 50,000

Publish Date: 09-07-2018 13:09:50 | Contact name: Boine Zhao | Location: CHINA | Place: China | 1 times displayed |

Our customer Sameh who come from Egypt purchased a 12T/D waste tire pyrolysis plant. The customer said that he mainly uses this equipment to process waste tires, finally he can get fuel, carbon black, steel wire and combustible gas. The customer running a relatively large green energy development and waste material recycling company in the local area. Because our waste tire pyrolysis plant not only can handle waste tires with less environmentally polluted, but also the final product can be sold again to make a huge profit. What is most satisfying to customers is the environmental protection facilities of our waste tire pyrolysis plant. It can scientifically deal with the three waste pollution generated during the operation of the waste tire pyrolysis plant, so as to achieve the effect that various emissions do not cause any pollution to the environment. Last month, the customer's 12-ton waste tire pyrolysis plant was prepared at our factory, and photos delivered to the port for your reference. Now our engineers are instructing customers to do on-site installation work, and the customer is very satisfied with our post-installation guidance service. The customer commented on our waste tire pyrolysis plant: “We are very pleased to establish a partnership with DOING company. Their expertise is invaluable to our long-term strategy for the growth and development of recycling technologies and our current stage of commercialization. We not only take pride in the actions that we take to recycle more plastic waste, but also we are proud of the values we hold in driving business growth."

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