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protein n terminal sequencing offer Health - Fitness

protein n terminal sequencing

Health - Fitness - - USD 2,139

Protein N-terminal is the start point of the expression of a protein. It also influences the subcellular distribution, degradation, and the turnover rate of a protein. Thus, sequence analysis of the N...

antibody de novo sequencing offer Health - Fitness

antibody de novo sequencing

Health - Fitness - - USD 1

Monoclonal antibody plays a key role in the development of biopharmaceuticals and diagnostic kits. The primary structure of the antibody, especially the amino acid sequence of the CDR region, is the c...

protein sequence analysis offer Health - Fitness

protein sequence analysis

Health - Fitness - - USD 1

Protein primary sequence determines the advanced structure of a protein, influencing a protein’s function. Therefore, it is essential to analyze the sequence of a protein, to verify the integrity and ...