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Alexander Technique TRAINING

Publish Date: 12-02-2019 19:49:29 | Contact name: JENNIFER DAVY | Location: UK | Place: THE PRACTICE ROOMS, THE OLD BAKEHOUSE, 2A SOUTH PARADE, OXFORD, OX2 7JL | 1 times displayed |

Oxford based teacher, Jennifer Davy, has been training people from all walks of life since 1996.

The Alexander technique is a well established method of teaching people, among other things, to return their generally high level of muscle tone towards a more normal level. It is not an alternative technique, based on a non-conventional view of human physiology, such as those of acupuncture or homeopathy, but is entirely consistent with orthodox medical and physiological theory and practice.

Alexander Technique lessons are relaxing, fun, enlightening and very non-intrusive. Jennifer uses verbal and manual guidance, while you remain fully dressed, to show you where you’re holding tension and help you to stop.

It will always be a revelation. The whole problem is that your muscular habits have evolved over a lifetime and you’re simply used to them being there - you feel normal. So when the tension stops it is a great relief and seems so obvious you wonder how you didn’t realise what you were doing to yourself before.

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