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Audio Guides Manufacturers CNY - 10

Publish Date: 14-06-2018 15:14:14 | Contact name: GuoyunWang | Location: Chinautla | Place: 4003-4004Room, Dongfang Business Building, Baomin Road2, Xixiang Town, Baoan district, Shenzhen city of China | 1 times displayed |

Digital wireless tour guides ﹑ navigation system, wireless system to explain professional manufacturers
First, the product applications
【Multimedia Conference Hall】 【Factory Tour】 【Teaching and Training】 【VIP Reception】
【Reception】 【Government】 【Museum Museum】 【simultaneous interpretation】 【Outdoor Activities】
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1. Innovative zero-delay radio receiver with reliable front end, combined with digital audio processing backend technology, with diffraction distance and digital sound clarity
2. Transmitter uses a professional 3.5 audio plug. The 10 milliwatts of healthy transmit power is much smaller than a 100 milliwatt transmitter on the market.
3. Receiver exclusive private mold, external antenna, simple and beautiful, more convenient collection.
Ear hanging team receiver small size, light weight, easy to wear, comfortable.
5. Ear hanging team receiver disposable earplugs can be replaced, convenient and hygienic.
6. With volume control buttons, according to individual needs can easily adjust the volume at any time.
Channel has a memory function.
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8. High-performance polymer lithium battery power supply, charging time after 7-8 hours.
9. With work lights, can indicate the working status of the receiver.
10. Direct printing user LOGO on the receiver or transmitter, enhance the user image.
11. Professional seat charging box, metal shell, safe from fire hazards. Bulk charging more unified and convenient. Most similar products in the market are flammable sponges and wire chargers.
12. The storage box contains EVA shockproof cotton, independent slot, earthquake-resistant moisture, storage and access convenience.
Can simultaneously make multi-language digital wireless simultaneous interpretation system
Easy to use, open the switch to use
After charging electric polymer lithium battery pool can be used continuously for 6 hours or more.
Listen to the receiver, the guide leads a group of guests (a few to dozens), while walking around to explain, guests can follow
Professional manufacturers, professional quality, self-production
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