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Mini Portable Wifi Smart Pocket DLP Projector For Business Meeting CNY - 10

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Teacher's good assistant wireless interpreter
Large noise
The current loud. The voices of the teachers are not well communicated.
Loudspeakers need to be carried by the instructor
So the weight of the loudspeaker adds to the burden on the teacher
Spread the sound too
Very limited.
General megaphone limitations
As a result, teachers need to speak loudly while teaching
Throat easily cause discomfort.Multi-language meetingroom.jpg
Amplifier sound transmission is limited
Back row students can not clearly hear the content of the teacher.
If the students are subject to long hours hearing noise and current noise and other effects
It's easy to get bored and tired
Greatly affected the effect of lectures.
summer camp.jpg
Ordinary megaphone batteries can only be used
6 hours or so
So the battery consumption is large.
After using the wireless tour guide system
A special anti-interference and noise cancellation technology
So you can make the sound more clearly
No current interference sound.
Small and exquisite appearance
Teachers carry more lightly.

Transmit sound better
So teachers do not need to speak loudly
You can also clearly voice out.
more effective
Protect the teachers' voice from harm.
Wireless tour guide system receiver as long as the connection of ordinary speakers
Sound can spread throughout every corner of the classroom.
Students in any position can clearly and effectively hear what the teacher is teaching.
orange introduction.jpg
Students in the interference-free learning environment without noise
Can better concentrate on listening.
Thus effectively improve the efficiency of teaching.
Wireless tour guide system built-in rechargeable battery
Just charge
3 ~ 4
You can use up to
Hours or more. Energy saving
And environmental protection.
two way tour guide system.png

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