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Portable CO2 Fire Extinguisher GB Alloy-steel CNY - 10

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Product descriptionPortable CO2 fire extinguisher GB Alloy-steel apply to extinguish solid material, inflammable liquids, combustible gases, organic solvents and voltage under the 5KV primary surface of the fire of the electrical equipment. Our CO2 fire extinguisher are wildly used in industry, agriculture, mine, marine and many lines for fire-fighting. Product SpecificationPortable CO2 fire extinguisher (GB Alloy-steel)Out-diameterVolumeCylinder LengthCylinder WeightExtinguisher WeightFilling WeightTemperature Range2KG116mm3L385mm3.8KG6.4KG2KG-30℃-60℃3KG116mm4.5L545mm4.9KG8.5KG3KG-30℃-60℃5KG136mm7.5L650mm7.8KG13.7KG5KG-30℃-60℃7KG154mm10.5L700mm11.1KG19KG7KG-30℃-60℃Portable CO2 fire extinguisher (GB Alloy-steel)Working PressureTest PressureMin Wall-thicknessMaterialFire RatingPacking Size2KG16.7Mpa25.1Mpa2.5mm34CrMo421B16 x 13 x 51cm3KG16.7Mpa25.1Mpa2.5mm34CrMo421B16 x 13 x 67cm5KG16.7Mpa25.1Mpa2.9mm34CrMo434B19 x 15 x 77cm7KG16.7Mpa25.1Mpa3.3mm34CrMo455B21 x 17 x 82cmFAQWhy choose us?We supply the suitable products what you needed

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